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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Picture Taking Carni/BFF

So I FINALLY Got to go to the rodeo... First time I've been since I've moved here to Houston... mmm fried oreo's, ahhh fried cookie dough, ewww fried M &M's... I took my SLR with me and had a great time

Before we went I met up with some friends for some fun shots... totally BFF!!!

As I was taking this last picture, someone came up to me and asked "Oh! How much for the pictures" hahahah she thought I was a picture taking "Carni"... In retrospect, I should have said, "A mere 20 tickets!"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jtfotos.com Houston wedding/event photography website Is up!!!!

So JS finally got around to designing a website... and let me tell ya... I think it was worth the wait!!!

He also Redid our logo... which I love too... time to order new business cards hahahaha... Anyways Take a look at it and maybe JS will even upload some of his own pictures on there instead of only mine!!!

PS> I know the links do not work right now because we haven't designed the other pages yet... but it's better than a banner that read "COMING SOON!!" HAHA


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HMNS: Houston strobist meetup

So this guy named Crossmage and this girl named Erinblatzer on flickr arranged it so a couple photographers could go to the houston museum of natural science after hours and do some photography... I had the Opportunity to go and aerovero showed up later... What a great opportunity!!

Thanks guys for setting this up!! Had a great time!!

Baby Rebekah Portraits

So as a favor I was asked to take baby pictures/ family portraits of the Hong family and was more than happy to oblige. Had very limited time and resources to make my shots, so I threw up a black cloth and went to town with 2 strobes and a soft box

Ended up having alot of fun and became better acquainted with a super nice family at my church.