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Friday, June 20, 2008

Haven't posted in almost a month!!!

Damn haven't posted anything in about a month... Haven't been doing much photography!!!! I have recently been just gearing up and reading alot... I realized that although I have all the gear I need to go back and get much more training!!!

I've split my time reading books on technique and books on photoshop skills (essential for all photographers). Photoshop is no longer a tool to just splice yourself into a picture of you and george bush shaking hands... It's become a digital darkroom of sorts. Anything that was previously done by the developer now must be done at home!! So taking pictures has now become the beginning of the process not the end of the process.

JS booked another wedding that I'm gonna help him shoot but it's a 10 hour wedding ON MY BIRTHDAY!! umm working on gaining more knowledge to parlay this photog thing into a part time job.. I have a real passion for wedding photography for some reason... Maybe it's my need to capture Kodak moments.. I dunno but I'm drawn to those types of pictures for some reason.

Got some time to work with JS studio lights... Had lots of fun with them... Christine and her sister was nice enough to be our subjects... I dunno about you, but I hate having my picture taken (ironic huh??? I also don't like taking medication) Some turned out great but I'm very very critical of my work so of course I think they need alot of improvement!! But here are some pictures.

Also been working alot... in the past 21 days, I've worked 20 of them!!!! If any of you follow my facebook wall you'd see that I worked 55 hours one week 66 hours the next and 52 hours this week (and its only thursday!!!) Sounds crazy I know!! I would say the money is nice but FICA and my 401k took most of it... And the other half was spent on fathers day, my brothers bday, and an upcoming wedding I'm involved in.

I have highly considered changing jobs to free up more weekends. One job opportunity has become available that would allow me to do just that. The offer is still on the table and I am first on the list of names, but it would be a substantial paycut!! We're talking about the 5 figure paycut!!! The only reason I'm considering it is to free up more sundays for church. My biggest regret, I guess, since I've started my career is all the church I've been missing. Work is important but God made me... I mean what can I say to rebutle that!!! We'll see what happens. Only God can show me the way... Either way I hope he grants me the courage/wisdom to make the decision He wants me to make!

Other side notes... Went to Vegas= lost alot of money... that's all I'm gonna say about that...

Well thanks for taking the time to read hopefully I will post more frequently from now on!!!

Toys I want: Canon G9, Canon 580exII, Canon 20d backup camera

Upcoming photography opportunities: BK/MT wedding, CC karate shots, Wanting to go to San Antonio to shoot for some reason... Anybody going or wanna go with me??

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c.h.ha said...

I can't believe you put those pics up. Haha. Thanks for doing my sister the favor. That pic of JS is hilarious for some reason. "Durr..."

Peter said...

Wow... that's C's sister?!
Anyhow, I'm gonna go visit Austin next weekend if you wanna tag along...