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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thompson wedding

Had the joy to shoot the Thompson wedding this weekend... Unfortunately I was still suffering from my "super flu" so I was still all feverish...

It was a at place in Houston called The Gallery... Great venue.. perfect for an intimate wedding!

It seemed like everything was confusing at first... I was doing this wedding as a second shooter... when we got there we found out that another photographer (brides friend) was coming too so we would have 3 shooters for a 70 person wedding....

So I'm up on the balcony shooting through the fence facing the hall... I stuck my 85mm lens with the lens hood through the uprights on the fence to get some interesting shots.... and as I was pulling back, my lens hood caught on the uprights and the hood went flying off!!! INTO THE CROWD!!!... I was so embarrassed... but I got a great candle lit shot as you will see below..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

burgertex - best burgers in texas... it says so on the sign!!!

So it seems like lately I've had alot of opportunities to use my photography for different purposes now... This time it was for a new pictures for a burgershop...

Burgertex is my favorite burgershop in Houston... Juicy burgers with fresh ingredients.... to take a line from papa john's "better ingredients, better burgers"...

Not to mention it's owned by my friends and their families...

mmm juicy burgers... sooo hungry now!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Two Images from home... It was quite warm and murky the whole time I was home... these were taken in the car ride on the way out of Indiana (it was the only time that the skies cleared enough to shoot some pictures) I can see why the locals call it "God's Country"

"The Road Home"

"God's Country"