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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A million little pictures

So I'm participating in a art project called "A Million Little Pictures" where the art house coop in atlanta georgia sent out DISPOSABLE film cameras and they will be shown in a gallery later...

So it got me thinking what are the settings of these cameras... I think I've found them... it's a 32mm lens equivalent, iso 400, shutter of 1/125, and at a aperture of f10

after comparing the opening to my lenses I also believe this to be true. Yes you do have more wiggle room with exposure on film compared to digital but I'd still like to nail my exposure.... The contest runs all summer long basically and I'm looking forward in participating!!!

Hope this helps anybody who wants to try this out!! Maybe use some slave flashes??

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catching up on photo projects

So I haven't been really posting much lately but just wanted to update my blog on some photo stuff i've done...

First up: Baby Schaeffer pics

I was asked by one of my church members to take pics of their new son... They wanted a photojournalistic shoot... I wasn't quite sure where to go with this because it wasn't really something i've had much experience with it... But I gave it a go and ended up loving the product...

I really enjoy doing these projects for my church members... I've really gotten to know alot people I wouldn't have met otherwise... Just shows how great God is and how he uses our gifts to bring us closer to each other..

2nd: Terracota warriors

Truely an amazing exhibit... a bunch of photographers had an opportunity to view this exhibit and bring tripods in and take some amazing pictures....

I must admit... There was a sense of awe and wonder of seeing the great pieces of art/history ... to think they were buried in 200 BC and found 2000 years later in 1970 AD

They say it's one of the top 5 exhibits to see before you die

Lastly: Mary Maternity 3

So This is the last set before she has her baby in a couple of weeks.... We kinda went nuts this time and got alot of pictures... man she just a melon waiting to blow up now... So excited for her and Jason... can't wait to see Chloe O'brien... ha!