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Thursday, October 9, 2008

diy r-strap

Just reposting the post i submitted on DIYphotography.net

Here is a quick R-Strap recipe by Hee Soo Shin:

1. Take a strap from a messenger bag. You can take one from a bag you no longer use, or buy a new one for close to nothing at goodwill.

2. For this hack, Hee Soo, took one of the quick connects by Bogen tripod, but you can also use a 3/4 bolt with an extension. Or,
you can use an L bracket from the bottom part of a cactus v2s receiver mount.

3. Use a buckle to fasten the two ends of the strap together...

4. For shoulder pad, you can use what ever came with the messenger bag strap, or use a shoulder strap pad from a guitar store(7 bucks))

Voila... DIY R-strap.. it's super comfortable and the great part is at weddings when you have to have 2 camera's with flashunit in the hotshoe it's totally out of your way and you don't have 2 flash units sticking up at you.

1 comment:

Jeff's Place said...

Hi There-
AWESOME SHOTS of the weddings and the fireworks!!
Found you blog for a post to a post to a post!

Great work! I think I am going to make a strap myself!!