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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The xmas homecoming that almost wasn't....

The xmas that wasn't... well it's been a month since my last update.... Since then nothing much has really happened but, with my new job, I have been allowed to actually go home for xmas. I was very excited as I haven't been home for xmas in 5 years!!!!

So I got off work and started cleaning and packing for the trip. I didn't sleep in fear that I would not make it to the 630am flight!! Eventually I did nap for 1 hour and was on my way... Got to the airport at 5am and after parking strolled up to redeem the tickets that I booked on expedia. I arrived at the NWA terminal to find out that my flight has been cancelled!!! Apparently my flight had been changed from NWA to continental because they are doing this work/cost sharing thing. I thought, "that's wierd why would I be going to another company". "Lord help me"

So I went to the train to go to the E terminal so I could check in with continental. The train took a long time to get to the E terminal (about 20 min). Eventually I arrived and by the time I made it through the long lines at continental it was 6AM... Freaken great, I have 3o minutes left... plenty of time... and that's when it all fell apart.

I swiped my card... NO itinerary found. Tried my other credit card, Nothing... Tried by confirmation number.. nothing... so I hailed the manager down (who was very rude and treated me like I was a retard) and gave her my license... she looked and said there was nothing for me that day!!!! At this point I was furious, frustrated, and almost in tears... I wouldn't be going home for xmas. "Why Lord Why??"

Out of desperation I called NWA customer service... and asked what the freak was going on... The woman was very nice despite getting a call 610AM on xmas eve... She said that she could see where they cancelled my flight ... she told me to hold... "in my mind i'm thinking I'm never going to make a 630AM flight at this point"... about 5 minutes later she came back and explained to me that they never re-enrolled me into the replacement flight... So I asked for a confirmation of the enrollment and marched back up to the same manager and asked them to look up the flight.... and she said.. "oh here you are, I guess I must have missed it the first time"... thanks but no thanks b****!!! So it turned out the flight I was put on was a continental flight that left at 708AM... by this time it was 645AM.. "thanks for the break Lord"

I rushed to the security check point and the line was hella long... It looked bleak, and the whole time I'm praying "Lord send me home if it be in your will".... just then 3 tsa workers walked up and helped check ID's so people can go through faster!!! What timing... I ran to the gate and caught the flight 5 minutes before take off!!!! "Thanks be to GOD!!"

Epilogue: So I flew to detroit for a layover to get off my continental flight and finish the rest of my journey on NWA. Got off my plane, looked for my gate, and found it... got a gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich (crunchy PB, easy on the jelly, heavy on the banana) and headed to my gate... and just as I rolled up to the gate, i looked up at the board to see where my second plane (the one that will take me home to indy) was coming from... and guess where... IT CAME FROM HOUSTON!!!! I could have ridden the same plane all the way from houston to detroit to Indy... I hate expedia and NWA now!!!

I'm home now and after two great korean meals with my folks and a 3 hour nap I'm happy to be back in the house I grew up in. The weather played a minimal roll today as it finaly let up LAST NIGHT!!! Thanks for all the prayers for better weather... I told my parents that I had the whole congregation praying for good weather... God is truely large and in charge...

ok peace ya'll... MERRY XMAS!!! God bless us every one!!


Peter said...

Merry Christmas Heesoo... glad you made it fine. :) We also had our own episode... will post that later... good to be home for first time (Christmas) in 5 years, eh? ;)

Joanna said...

o wow. good recap. interesting/exciting. glad it worked out n you got to go home :)