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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thompson wedding

Had the joy to shoot the Thompson wedding this weekend... Unfortunately I was still suffering from my "super flu" so I was still all feverish...

It was a at place in Houston called The Gallery... Great venue.. perfect for an intimate wedding!

It seemed like everything was confusing at first... I was doing this wedding as a second shooter... when we got there we found out that another photographer (brides friend) was coming too so we would have 3 shooters for a 70 person wedding....

So I'm up on the balcony shooting through the fence facing the hall... I stuck my 85mm lens with the lens hood through the uprights on the fence to get some interesting shots.... and as I was pulling back, my lens hood caught on the uprights and the hood went flying off!!! INTO THE CROWD!!!... I was so embarrassed... but I got a great candle lit shot as you will see below..