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Sunday, July 5, 2009

How I spent the 4th: running behind on lots of photo projects

So I'll have a wedding and another photoshoot to post up later but Since i'm almost done with this photo project I think i'll post it first...

So this is how I spent the fourth of july... spending time with my long long time friend Jay and his band Parts Per Million...

They were invited to play at Freedom over Texas on the Liberty Stage... It was hot as heck out there!!! We were all sweating our butts of and the drummer started throwing up water it was so hot... I was fine because I was used to the heat but the band, being from Chicago, were not happy with the heat!

So later that day we also had an opportunity to take some band shots for them... hopefully they'll use them in their upcoming album or their next promo flier...

I have soooo many more to edit but here is a little preview:

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