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Friday, May 16, 2008

DIY: GF origami diffuser. 4 bucks!!!

So after recieving the Origami Diffuser and playing around with it a while... one of the side arms broke off... I thought great... now I have to spend 30 bucks replacing it right??? wrong!!!!

It got me thinking... What is this thing made of anyways and how can i mimic it so I don't have to buy a new one???? So I made a new one out of simple cheap materials...


- Sticky velcro (2 bucks)
- 32 ounce CVS rubbing 70% alcohol (1 or 2 bucks) (the large size... tall and cylindrical)
- one rubberband (wide)
- Cut out of JPG (enclosed) in this post)
- scissors
- Goo gone (or anything that can help remove a sticky label... like rubbing alcohol maybe????)


1. Drain the alcohol bottle out completely

2. cut the top and bottom off then cut a line down from the top of the bottle to the bottom of your bottle, so your left with a sheet of opaque plastic

3. Take the label off with goo gone

4. Download picture below (yes you have my full permission to use it) and cut it out
- you need to cut on the outside of the black lines not the inside of the black lines...
- Don't cut on the dotted lines... those are fold lines
- fold on fold lines... use a ruler to help you get a straight line
- Make sure that the picture is 6 and 3/8 inches from top to bottom when printed out

5. take the sticky velcro soft side and measure around your speedlight so that you know you have enough velcro....

6. Remove only the part of the velcro backing so it can cover the center piece of the diffuser (see pic below)

7. Cut out a 2 inch strip of the hook side of the velcro and take the backing off and stick it to the end of the back side of the soft velcro... (see pic below)

8. Wrap rubber band around the top of your speed light..

9. Wrap the velcro around you speed light flash end...

10. Take pictures

Taken with the Gary Fong Origami

Taken with the DIY Diffuser


peterjang73 said...

Welcome to the world of blogging... again. :P I personally prefer WordPress but whatever floats your boat. ;) As for the diff pic of w/ and w/o diffuser, you should put them side by side... it's hard to see the difference...

Anonymous said...

your flickr photos are not available. Can you make it available so I can see it?? thanks