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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Groomsmen Golf

Well I hate to put posts back to back but it was a busy photography weekend...

Billy took us all out for golf for our groom's men gift...
Had lots of fun even tho I don't play golf...

Congrats to Chae for shooting the best game in his life (I think it was 13 over which is like an 85??? WOW!!)
1. Chinaman's Game

2. Off Roading in our Carts

3. Did I just hit that?

4. The Look of a Winner

5. The Mythical Hogan Ball

6. Focusing


8. En Garde

9. Nutmegged

10. Mid-Flight

11. Cruisin'

12. What???

13. Get There!

14. Silouhuette

15. Can we go home now??

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moon said...

o your pix are great and so cute! i like em all i think :)

meimei said...

I really enjoyed looking at your work and so weird you're not in any of the pics... besides the fact that you're the photographer but why is it that photographers never like to be in pics... Shut up... you know what i mean!!!