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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photos from Christine's and Teresa"s B-day/Crawfish boil!

So learned a couple of things:

- Never buy 104 lbs. of crawfish! People will ask "Why the four pounds??"
- 104 lbs. is WAYYYY too much crawfish for 20 odd people.
- Trivial pursuit pop edition is really hard to find!!
- If I ever had kids I would NEVER let them play GTA 4

So it was crawfish all day then Komodo's for drinks, then MaMa's Cafe for late night dinner...

Komodo's was my type of place! It's a house theme (so living room, Kitchen, patio, TV over fireplace... wonder where the bedroom went... hmmm) Good place to chill.. Nice pick Jo.

Here are the pics (more at my flickr)


moonie said...

funny. yah totally never thought about where the bedroom went...
nice pix

meimei said...

HaaHaa... I have trivial pursuit pop edition at home!

c.h.ha said...

Thanks for coming and taking pics. ou still owe me a Trivil Pursuit Pop edition.