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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Galveston 2008

Galveston 2008

So back to the photography that I love... Landscapes...

JS and I have been jealous of everybody's beach/sunset shots... So this weekend we decided to change that!

So after working a 10 hour day at CVS with only 2 hours of sleep, John, Christine, and I went down to Galveston. A very ill planned trip, but once again made the best of it. After driving half an hour to Galveston beach, we made it!!! Unfortunately there are too many people on the beach and it faces east... Now as we know, the sun sets in the west! So armed with a GPS we decided to find somewhere where we could get the sunset. After driving around for another 20 min, we found a small boat dock which ended up being perfect!!!

BUT one more problem... because it was so windy, and the beach having lots of sand, I ended up getting alot of crud on my sensor which ruined about 2/3 of my shots!!! So once again I had to make apple pie from bad apples.... I think the six shots i was able to salvage turned out well... And with a little tweaking from CS3 made them even better!

Thanks Christine for dinner! and THANK YOU STROBIST!!!

So here they are... Submitted for your approval.


joanna said...

i like #4 best

nanoh said...

i vote #1

c.h.ha said...

You're welcome. You forgot to mention the seagull pooping on JS's backpack.