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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HDR photography experiment

Hdr is a generally new/ highly evolving style of photography....

Basically what it does it increases the dynamic range (hdr=high dynamic range)

What does that mean really??? basically when you take a picture, if it's too bright you lose the detail in the highlights (turns too white) and if it's too dark you lose the detail in the shadows (turns all black)

So why don't you correctly expose the picture correctly??? well even if it's exposed correctly, you lose some details in both the shadows and highlights...

So HDR is basically setting your camera to take multiple exposures (one dark, one light, and one normal or any number of exposures in between). Then you can combine those pics in photoshop or a program called photomatix and make an HDR. They've been doing this in movies for years.. so you get an eerie sky but the main character is still visible and bright...

Now what they've found is not only do you get the lights and darks correct, but you get a higher selection of light and dark colors... so the people at photomatix have found a way to boost these colors to get that illustrated feel but obviously still a picture... Some people dont' like this at all (**cough cough john** cough) but I think it looks like an oil painting but with more detail! Great stuff!!

Here's my example below:

More examples here

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