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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Well xanga is getting pretty tiring so I decided to switch to google... So here is my last blog post from Xanga!!

Well I wasn't really expecting or prepared for taking pics of Billy and Mei Mei.. We got there so late that we had only 10-15 min of daylight left... so that meant high ISO, long exposure times (which blurred many of the pics to uselessness) and lots of fill flash... Gotta learn to dial down that flash more.. but anyways... i think it turned out well...

Despite all my excuses... couldn't have asked for a better photoshoot!!!!
Got to use my new lens which i have absolutely fallen in love with!!!!

So here it is... the soon to be married couple.. thanks for putting me in your wedding

(if you look at this pic, the constellation orion is in the background... boy was it dark outside!!!)

Left: This shot was so blurred it was unusable... or was it??? Right: (The correct sharper pic taken seconds later)

My Fav.. Took LOTS of work to get it right

Went for an antiqued look for this one.. like 1930's

Queen on her throne

Took 2 pics just for me... experimenting with HDR... Makes the capital and street look so eerie

More can be found at my flickr.. www.flickr.com/photos/aznpharm79

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Peter said...

I like the black & white picture of the couple with moonlight inbetween them. :)